Hon Amutenya Ndahafa (Councilor of Uuvudhiya)

Uuvudhiya Constituency was established in 1992, under an act of parliament Act 22 of 1992. The Honorable Councilor was elected since inception in 1992 to date. The constituency has 6 employees: Control Administrative Officer, Senior Administrative Officer, Administrative Officer, Driver and 2 laborers.

Situated in the southern part of Oshana Region, with the distance of +- 90km from Oshakati, with a population of about 4100 people as per 2001 censes. There are 6 primary schools, namely: Engombe Primary School, Omapopo PS, Onaushe Primary School, Afoti Primary Schools, Okaukeujo Primary Schools and Ombika Combined School. No clinic and no Gravel Road. Tourist attractions are Iipumbu yaTshilongo Conservancy, Ekulo lyaNanzi Pan, Salt Pan and part of Etosha National Park and one Growth Point which is Engombe.