Uukwiyuushona Constituency is one of the largest rural constituencies in Oshana Region. It is situated 15km south west of Ondangwa Town. The Constituency can easily be accessed through its road infrastructure network DR 3604 (Ondangwa-Uukwiyu-Omukandu Gravel Road) which links it to Trunk Road B1 at Ondangwa as well as by flight mode and rail linkage at a neighbouring commercial towns. The constituency’s geographical area is 299.5 and it has a total population of 12092, according to Namibia Population and Housing Census for 2011 of which 54% are female and 46% are male. The Constituency has a Grow Point in Okahongo Village which is upgraded and demarcated. The first founding councillor was Hon. Andreas N. Amundjindi (2010 till to date).

Staff Establishment: The Constituency has six staff members and it is headed by Control Administrative Officer.

Government Institutions: There are 11 schools of which 4 are Primary Schools and 7 are Combined Schools. There are 2 Clinics, Ministry of Agriculture Office, Ministry of Gender Equality and Child Welfare Office, Police Sub-Station.