The Directorate of Planning & Development is divided into three (3) divisions, namely, Development Planning Services, Rural Service and Technical Services, however in the absence of the key personnel in the division of Technical Services, the functions of that division are now being overseen/administered by the division of Development Planning.

The Division of Development Planning deals with regional development planning, the Division Rural Services deals with the planning and facilitates execution of the rural development programs in close cooperation with other relevant institutions, whereas the Division Technical Services deals with physical planning and capital project implementation facilitation, monitoring and evaluation. Minor Capital Projects, and rural development programmes such as: Food/ Cash For Work (F/CFW) food security and Nutrition Programme (FSNP) One Region One Initiative (OROI) Micro Finance Projects Grant (MFPG) are planned by Constituency Development Committees (CDC), Committee specific for all the programmes or by individual group project managers. All these programmes are funded by the Central Government through the Oshana Regional Council.

The sub-division is responsible for the overall coordination of the development of the Regional strategic plan, Annual Plan and facilitates the hosting of Quarter Review. It responsible for the production of Quarter reports and compilation of the Annual Regional Education Report. It facilitates the collection of the 15 th day school statistics, Annual Education Census (AEC) and production of staffing norms.

The sub-division it further responsible for the identification of infrastructure development needs in collaboration with the Circuit Development Committee, Education Works Inspectors and compile Project Identification Form (PIF) for Capital Projects.

The sub-division is responsible for monitoring and evaluation of the implementation of Basic Education Facilities (BEF) and Capital Projects. It coordinate all donors funded projects in the region and serves as middlemen between the donor and the end –users. It deals with budgeting for projects and other needs in the regions.