Ongwediva constituency is an electoral consistuency in Oshana region of Namibia. It has 27 396 inhabitants and its district capital is the town of Ongwediva. The constituency borders Ondangwa Constituency in the south, Okaku constituency in the east and Oshakati East constituency in the west.

A brief history

  • Ongwediva town is the distract capital of Ongwediva Constituency.
  • The settlement of Ongwediva, which is a vibrant town today, was established in the 1960s while Namibia was under South African occupation in the area of headman Mr Nandjebo Menegela.
  • Its purpose was to serve as a residential area for people employed by businesses and government in Oshakati and Ondangwa.
  • All main educational institutions in the north of Namibia (at that time called Ovamboland) were situated in Ongwediva.


Located in Oshana Region 10 km east of Oshakati Town and shares borders with Okatana, Okaku and Ondangwa constituency. It currently has a population of 27 396 inhabitants. Well known as a business hub as it arranges the successful Ongwediva Annual Fair every year. There are 3 state of the art of shopping malls and it encompasses a multi-millioare dollar (Namibian dollars) Bennies Entertainment Park and lodge which has a lot of fun activities for the kids and grown-ups. There is a well-managed open market for all the small and medium entrepreneurs including meat vendors.