Ompundja Constituency is an electoral constituency in the Oshana Region of Namibia. It has 4 659 inhabitants, 19 Centres and consists of the one growth point: Enguwantale.

Geographical Area: Ompundja Constituency, office is about 30 km from Oshakati. The constituency domestically it borders the following constituencies:

  • Uuvudhiya Constituency (South-western)
  • Ondangwa Rural Constituency (Eastern)
  • Uukwiyuushona Region (South-eastern)
  • Oshakati East (Northern)
  • Oshakati West (North-western)

The Councillors served Ompundja are:

  1. Titus Mwahilepeni Shililifa (Founding Councillor) 1992-1996
  2. Tomas Nambambi       1996-1997
  3. Aram Martin       1997-1998
  4. Lovisa Shikodhi       1999-2004
  5. Adolf N Uunona (current) 2004- to date

Staff Establishment of Constituency

  • Control Administrative Officer (Head of the constituency)
  • Senior Administrative Officer
  • Administrative Officer
  • Driver
  • Three (3) Labourer

Constituency Capital

Enguwantale is a Capital City for Ompundja Constituency of 349 inhabitants in the Oshana Region of Namibia. It is the district capital of the Ompundja electoral constituency and also the Education cluster centre of Ompundja Circuit.

Infrastructures Development

All schools and 92% Kindergarten are electrified

85% of inhabitants have access to clean water

No health facility (Clinic)

No proper road

No sufficient network coverage (MTC Tower)

No Police sub-station

Government Institutions

  1. Agriculture Extension Office
  2. Eight (8) Schools

Nine (9) Primary Schools, and Two (2) Combined Schools