Name of Councilor: Hon Rosalia Shilenga, Served the constituency as from 2010 to date. The office is situated at the center of the constituency at Uukwangula, at the North -west of Oshana region, about 10 km from Oshakati to Okahao. The constituency boundaries with Oshakat-West Constituency at the western side, Oshakati East Constituency at the south East and Ongwediva Constituency at the east of Oshana Region.  The constituency also boundaries with Omusati at the north, and Ohangwena at the north east.

  • Population: 14801
  • No of Growth Centers: 20
  • No of Health Centers and Clinics: 2

No of Schools: 15:

  • eight (8) Combined schools
  • Seven (7) Junior Primary Schools.