Okaku Constituency is situated at the remote rural area, 10KM from Ondangwa to the north-west, sharing the border with Ongwediva Constituency to the west, Ondangwa Rural Constituency to the south and Ohangwena Region to the north. It has a total population of 19 007, of which 10 501 are females and 8 507 are males (Census 2011) and it consist of 29 centers. The first Councillor who is the Founding Councillor is Hon. Henock Ya Kasita (1992-2010) followed by Hon. Josef Kapya Endjala (2010-2015) while Hon. Gerson Hannu Kapenda who is the Chairperson of Oshana Regional Council from 2015.

Staff Establishment – The constituency has 10 staff members and it is headed by Control Administrative Officer. Government Institutions – There are 13 schools of which 1 is a Junior Secondary School, 7 Combined Schools and 5 Primary Schools. There are 2 clinics, Agriculture Office and a Police Station. There is a growth point at Onengush where the Constituency Office is situated. Infrastructure Development – At least all government institutions and some localities are electrified. The gravel road (Okapya-Ohalushu road) and a tarred road (Ondangwa-Oshikango road) run through Constituency.